Your Photovore Success Stories

Congratulations to everyone who succeeded in building their photovore

Date:Sun, 6 Feb 2000 13:52:28 EST

Hey, you've got quite the tutorial web page there. I finished making a small photovore with help of your web page, quite an interesting little work of electronics. I used a 3300 mu cap which worked just as good as a 4700mu that i used on a later photovore (different design). The tricky thing is mounting the friggin motors. I used two small rubber grommets that i had lying around which worked well. I'm still fiddling with the placement of the solar panel, right now its attached with stick tack so i can move it around, but you might want to include how to balance the solar panel so you can make the photovore pop a little weelie when the motors trigger, it raises the speed and the efficiency dramatically. I also found that it is a bit easier to bend all the leads on the ***906 ***904 and 1681J before glueing them all in a block, it makes it easier to match up leads so they don't short. Keep up the good tutorial work! and good luck!

From:"Lee Golden"
To:"Chiu Fang"
Subject:New FangAVore! :0)
Date:Tue, 7 Jul 1998 19:44:48 -0400


Here is my first free-form photovore, thanks to you! It uses the mini pager
motors that David Winchell sold in the group buy, and a 24x33mm solar cell
from still needs rubber booties for traction, but otherwise
works great! I've named it H.I.W. It's pronounced "Hugh", and stands for
"Hey, it works!". :0) If you need a different size/style of picture for
your site, please let me know.

You've done all of us a big favor by sharing your knowledge!!!!

Sincere thanks,

Lee Golden

Date:Mon, 22 Jun 1998 22:39:28 -0700
From:Darrell Johnson

hey there...
I just finished building a photovore from the schematics on your web
thanks for making the diagrams so clear.. it's all freeform, with motor
clips from a couple of dead pagers, and the frame is constructed from an
earring that I made out of a penny for a jewelrymaking class that I took
years ago..(I knew I'd find a use for them someday)
and now I present:


he's pretty much done, except for the touch sensors that I'm going to
put on when I can get a hold of some pen springs..


darrell johnson
character animator/BEAM builder wannabe

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